Too much COVID-19 and my anxiety

In early March 2020 after consultation with my doctor, to stop taking my anti-depressants. I was a month shy from a full 3 years of taking medication for my Depression. Two weeks after that decision, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced a Restrictive Movement Order (RMO) directive to curb the spread of COVID-19.


Anxiety would have every chance to rear its head and play roulette with my mental state. But the past occurrences never came around as strong as they used to.


For starters, Anxiety is fed by uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Anxiety wants us to play soothsayer and with COVID-19, doom and gloom are served in spades.


  1. Be certain, if you are not; then tell yourself, you have to be certain. And in life, you can never say you know everything. All things are uncertain, seek the certainty. Don’t sit and mull your thoughts, get up and seek the certain.


  1. Get the facts, ask every expert you can think of and some more. Find the facts until you are certain you have all the information you can humanly, possibly get. Never assume, and always test the information that comes your way.


  1. With certainty, facts; decide to manage yourself. Shut down junk accounts on Social Media because you know where to find the right information. Identify what worries you most and counter it with facts and certainty. Manage the present, not the future.


Anxiety is good, too much is bad. It is the same with information; manage it.



Maclean Patrick